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Emma acted out the scene first, and then Helena Bonham Carter mimicked what she did. so it was Helena Bonham Carter pretending to be Emma Watson pretending to be Helena Bonham Carter pretending to be Bellatrix pretending to be Hermione pretending to be Bellatrix.


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It is so hard when you fall so in love. Like so in love that you honestly have no idea what you would do without that person. So in love that you both stay up for hours talking about everything and anything. So in love that you can just look at eachother and know exactly what the other is thinking. So in love that just seeing them and their cute fucking smile can make your whole day, even if it’s just for a minute. You’ve built such a beautiful relationship with this person, such a powerful, breathtaking relationship…and it can be shattered in two seconds. It only takes TWO SECONDS for one of you to make a horrible decision. A decision that ruins that amazing thing you both have together. Yet after this decision is made it is even harder because you DEAL with it. You live with it, you don’t ever get over it. Yeah maybe you forgive but you never, ever forget. You look at that person differently now, you imagine that person with that OTHER person, over and over. It’s heartbreaking and feels like physical pain. You feel like you’re not enough anymore and that is so gut wrenchingly painful. But the worst part is, we can’t let go of that person because no matter what amount of pain we’re in, the thought of not being with that person seems unbearable. It is so hard.
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